A Day in John’s Life

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It was a beautiful day. John was riding his bicycle. It was Sunday. So, he was allowed to ride his bicycle as long as he liked. He was also allowed to play computer games but he didn’t want to stay indoors on such a beautiful day.

On the way he met his cousin, Bill, who was also cycling. They had a happy life in the countryside. The school was 5 km from the village.

johns life


Bill: Shall we ride as far as the school and back?
John: But school is closed, you know.
Bill: We will ride for fun.
John: Well. Why not?

Then they began cycling to school. It took them only five minutes. They met some friends at the school garden. They were playing basketball. They asked John and Bill to join them. Bill was willing to play. He liked playing basketball and he was good at it. However, John didn’t want to play. “There are too many rules in this game”, he always said. But now he thought to himself, “Bill is going to play and if he joins the game I will have to play too. If I don’t play, Bill will be upset, but I don’t want to upset him.” So they both joined the game. It was enjoyable and exciting for Bill boring and difficult for John. Then the game was over and Bill’s team was the winner. His team-mates (=friends) were carrying Bill on their shoulders because he had played very well and enabled them to win. John was in the loser’s team but he wasn’t unhappy. On the contrary, he was happy because Bill was happy.

Then John told Bill, “How about a race back to the village? I am sure I will beat you in that” In reply to this challenge Bill said, “No, you can’t. I can beat you in cycling too”. Then an exciting race began. At first Bill was Bill was cycling faster than John. John, who was a famous cyclist, didn’t want to be the loser this time. So, he stepped harder on the pedals. He got faster and faster. Finally he could pass Bill and he was the first to reach the village; he was the winner. John was happy. Bill wasn’t unhappy.

It was almost the evening when they reached the village. John invited Bill for dinner. Bill happily accepted his invitation because he loved his aunt’s meals. When they reached home they were surprised to find that Bill’s family was also there. John’s father had invited them for dinner. After dinner, they began to talk. The boys told their parents about the day. It was exciting for them and enjoyable for their parents.

At 10.00 pm, John went home with his family. He would go to school tomorrow. So would Bill. They needed sleep. It had been a beautiful but tiring day.


1. Why did they ride to school?
2. How long did it take them to reach school?
3. What does them refer to?
4. Why did John join the game of basketball?
5. Why didn’t John like basketball?
6. Was Bill worried when John won the race? Why or why not?
7. What does them refer to?
8. What does they refer to?


melike - 9 years ago Reply

I think it is a terrible story, i dont like it but thanks.

İsim - 8 years ago Reply

It was terrible and boring but thanks

Dilek - 8 years ago Reply

I love the story so much , it’s very enjoyable and very basic

    HelperingHelper - 7 years ago Reply

    very basic neden diyosun basit demek easy sen very basic diyerek çok temel diyosun basic temel ana demek 😛

ozan - 8 years ago Reply

ı don’t like this story because very boring and abstrük.but thank a lot…

Alper Mahluk - 8 years ago Reply

Why comments are English i dont understand but it was very terrible 🙁 OUR EVERYWHERE MAHLUKLAR <3

biri - 8 years ago Reply

i didint understand why you guys dont like the story.it was good story i think. but i didint understand some questions.

Ben - 7 years ago Reply

I think very good.

Yoshino - 7 years ago Reply

good yeah very well

hilal - 7 years ago Reply

this story ınstructive, ıt was remember words like as long as, also, such a. thanks.

sasuke - a couple of years ago Reply

hey I love this story I enjoy, thanks

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