Effrontery anlamı

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Effrontery anlamı: yüzsüzlük, hayasızlık


Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation
Hi ... So did it Hurt ?
Did what hurt?
When you fell out of heaven?
Who fell out of heaven?
You did. Because you're an angel.
When did I become an angel? 
Did I die when I fell out of heaven? How come you can see me if I am dead?
What I meant to say was your legs must be tired because they've been running
through my mind all day.
Why would I be running if I'm a dead angel? Do dead angels even have legs?
Did my legs fall off when I fell?
I think you misunderstood. How about this one. Do you know karate?
Because your body is really kickin'.
How can I be kickin' if my legs fell off my dead angel body? 
And why do I need to know karate? Are you threatening me?
Forget It. Never ever again will try to pick up a girl in this bar
hmmm ... legs running in mind , body is kicking ... this is what you get 
for your effrontery...

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