Exculpate anlamı

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Exculpate anlamı: aklamak temize çıkarmak

Video Text:

Hello Peter , I need to talk to you Sure Boss , Whats up ?
Peter your sales number have been great , you are good to our clients ,
you are the ideal employee , but,, but there is some bad news!
well , what You are Fired! What , why , what did I do ?
the culprit is your twitter account , some of your tweets have crossed
the line How did you know I even had a twitter account ,
and which tweet are your talking about ?
You tweeted , Long day at work , I am tired so what ?
I am disappointed you will write such bullshit about your company
that writes your checks Sir, I had a long day and was simply tired ,
I meant no offense Here is another tweet of yours ,
caught in traffic on the way to work , I hate traffic so much I do not
understand , how does it affect the company, or its reputation
You have no clue what the stock holders are thinking …
You are ,fired What the heck … I am moving court!
ha ha ha …even court will not exculpate you of such tweets