Exigency anlamı

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Exigency anlamı: acil ihtiyaç

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Play close attention to upcoming word clue Try and judge the meaning of the word from the context of the conversation hello, I’m Dr. Chris. How are you doing this morning? I don’t like dentists. I understand. your mom forced you into coming here. But we’re a very caring dental office and we’re here to make sure you have a comfortable experience . And yes , we offer free toothbrush. oh great! we’re just going to do an exam today. No pain I promise. First we’ll start off with some x rays. I don’t need x rays. X rays give you cancer But I need them to accurately diagnose your oral condition ,and see, if you have any cavities I don’t want x rays. I want white teeth. Do you have Zoom whitening? I saw that on TV. I want whitening. We can not do whitening until we’ve established that , you have good oral health ,and your teeth don’t have cavities. I don’t care. I want whitening. I think you have other dental needs that need to be taken care of first. I want to whiten my teeth. I haven’t even looked in your mouth yet, but I can see from here that you’re missing two of your front teeth. And yes you suffer from bad breadth. I can smell you till here. I think bleaching your teeth should be the last priority on your list. Can you find out if whitening is covered by insurance? You’re not listening to me. There is an exigency ,to treat your gums , else you may get seriously infected. We need to treat your cavities, urgently, otherwise you may need root canal. Whitening is not important Answer the following question. What does exigency mean ? urgent need Or important You may replay the video before answering exigency means, urgent need In the animated story, as per doctor kris, there was an urgent need , i.e.,exigency to treat the girl’s gums , else , she may get seriously infected.