Incognito anlamı

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Incognito anlamı: kıyafet değişimi, tebdili kıyafet

Video Text:

LADIES and GENTLEmen, we have with us tonight , LADY ,,GAGA,, You have achieved much fame, and you are super busy , TELL us , how do you keep up with friends, and family. It was difficult earlier but now we have FACEBook. I easily stay connected with all my near and dear ones well, but aren’t you stalked by fans on facebook well, I conceal my indentity using a pseudo name, and only my loved ones
know the details. oh, you mean ,incognito Answer the following question. What does incognito mean ? Disguise or known openly. You may replay the video before answering incognito means disguise. In the animated story, to avoid stalking from fans, the celebrity used
disguise i.e. incognito, to conceal her identity.