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İngilizce Zamanlar (Tense) – Özet

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İngilizce’de zamanların (tenses) ve modal yardımcı fiillerinin özet tablosu… PAST PRESENT FUTURE MODALS PAST SIMPLE PRESENT SIMPLE PRESENT SIMPLE WOULD Active: I worked, I was late, I went to work, Passive: The meeting was cancelled Finished action. Ago, yesterday, last week, then, before, just now, 20th June Active: I work in Angers Passive: The work […]

İngilizce Gramer Terminolojisi

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İngilizce gramer terminolojisini örnekleriyle vermeye çalıştık. English Example Indefinite article A / an Definite article The Nouns Man Possessive nouns John’s dog Gender M / f / neuter Compound nouns Alarm clock Countable Egg(s) Uncountable Bread Collective / group noun Family, firm, crowd Quantifiers Some, any Determiners This, that Adverb quickly Adjective good Comparative More, […]