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How Much Screen Time Is Too Much for Children? Children can spend hours a day looking at computer screens and other digital devices. Some eye care professionals say all that screen time has led to an increase in what they call computer vision syndrome.Nathan Bonilla-Warford is an optometrist in Tampa, Florida, with VSP, Vision Service Plan, a big insurance provider. He says, “I […]

Gardening: Vegetables made in the shade Not all vegetables need lots of sunshine. Mark Hoffman and his wife, Guia, own a bed-and-breakfast guesthouse in rural Kempton, Illinois. The Hoffmans have also been growing food and flowers for twenty-five years. For almost ten of those years, Mr. Hoffman has been working with shade plantings. He says visitors to his website — […]

Game Over for Limits on Violent Video Games America’s video game industry was the winner in a decision by the United States Supreme Court. In late June the justices rejected a law in California that banned the sale or rental of violent video games to people under eighteen. They said the two thousand five law violated the free speech guarantee in the […]

Next Step After Carbon: Knowing Your Nitrogen Footprint A carbon footprint is the amount of carbon dioxide pollution that we produce as a result of activities. Some people try to reduce their carbon footprint because they are concerned about climate change. Now, researchers have a way for people to measure how much nitrogen pollution they produce — their nitrogen footprint. All plants […]