The Lion and The Mouse

Published 7 years ago in İngilizce Metin Okuma - 3 Comments

A lion was asleep in the woods.

A little mouse ran over his paw.

The lion woke up and caught him.

“You are a very little mouse, but I think I will eat you,” he said.

“Do not eat me,” said the mouse, “I am so little! Let me go. Some time I may be of help to you.”

The lion laughed.

“What can you do?” he said.

But he let the mouse go.


Not very long after this the lion was caught by some men and made fast with a rope.

The men left him and went to get more rope, to bind him.

“Now is my time!” said the mouse.

He ran to the lion and began to gnaw the rope.

He gnawed and he gnawed.

At last he gnawed through the rope and set the lion free.

“You laughed at me,” said the mouse, “but have I not helped you?”

“You have saved my life,” said the lion.