Vituperative anlamı

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Vituperative anlamı: küfürbaz, ağzı bozuk

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hello jim good work with the class assignment,keep it up thankyou misses geller by the way i saw you sleeping in the class during my lecture have you got an Explanation for that they told me at the blood bank this might happen you are underage and thus not yet eligible for blood donation so obviously you are lying well,,the truth is i was MEdidating ,and contemplating on the solution of a
MAthematical PRoblem at the same time nothing angers me like lies instead of accepting your FAULT ,and apologising for it how dare you
lie to me? do you want this pleasant conversation to turn VITUPerative Answer the following question. What does vituperative mean ? abusive, or.Kind. You may replay the video before answering Vituperative means abusive. In the animated story, since the student was not accepting his mistake,
the teacher threatened to be abusive , that is , vituperative